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How To Generate Content Fast For a New Content Website

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Generating content fast for the new websites should be a top priority, and getting to 100 articles as quickly as possible should be your goal. You can then let off the content machine for a while so google can get it ranked and you can start generating some backlinks.

I like to use the MVP (minimum viable product) – This simply means that you create a project that is not perfect but good enough to start to get some rankings.

An MVP article is just going to be good enough. It is not going to be optimized with graphics and charts and a high word count. What you want is something that is set up to rank well for google and to see if you start getting traffic to the page.

I like to use surfer Seo or page optimizer pro to give myself the best chance to rank for that keyword. I then sit back and let google do its thing.

I do it this way because you cannot predict what page google is going to rank and what it won’t. If your page never gets any traffic it is not a good use of your time to optimize it for visitors.

By following this strategy you can get a lot of content out in a short amount of time and then see what articles drive the most traffic.

My Process

  1. Do keyword research focusing on articles that you can rank for. You have to take into account what your domain score is and the keyword difficulty.
  2. Create keyword topic clusters and decide how you will interlink the articles that are related
  3. Start writing content based on your keyword research. Start with the easiest articles to rank for first and move on to the harder ones.
  4. The content should be optimized for google to give you the best chance to rank for that keyword
  5. Crank out the content as quickly as possible.
  6. As soon as a page starts getting traffic to optimize that page for the visitor without changing the structure of the page. This could mean adding in some pictures and more words to help build it out. Try to keep your Title, H1 and the number of exact matches keywords the same
  7. After you hit 100 articles start building links to the pages that are the most important to your site.
  8. Create 5 main pages that you want to direct the majority of your visitors to if you are trying to monetize with affiliate income.
  9. Continue to build out your content now by going after harder keywords
  10. Monitor what pages are getting the most visitors and start adding links to other valuable pages.

By creating content this way you will give yourself the best chance of succeeding with a new website and driving massive traffic to it.

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