About Us


My name is Troy Watson and I have been using software for over 20 years to run businesses that I have been involved in.

A businesses tech stack can be one of the biggest competitive advantages that no one talks about. 

Choosing and investing in the right software can save a lot of money and prevent a lot of headaches down the road.

That is why I committed to starting a blog about software. It is really hard to find reviews from legitimate reviewers who actually took the time to review the software and are not just recommending a product for the commission. 

My Career

I originally started my career in the home construction industry. This was my first introduction to software and how valuable it can be as I started to learn how to use CAD and other software to design and build homes. 

I then transitioned into sales learning about and using all the software that is corelated with that field. CRM software, email prospecting software, data bases were all part of my daily life. 

Next I moved into the Medical field specifically called DME (durable medical equipment). This is where I really learned about digital marketing and building websites. The company I started to work for did not have a good website or digital footprint. I was put in charge of redesigning their website and creating a digital marketing plan that would increase local traffic to their locations.

I was very successful with this to the point that the website started to generate more leads and traffic than the physical locations.

This led to a lot of promotions that resulted to becoming a regional manager with multimillion dollar budget. 

I had always wanted to start my own business where I could build something I could be proud of. I wanted a business that allowed me to work around my family obligations and still be a big part of all the sporting events that they were involved in.

I was passionate about software and finding the best of everything so I decided to start this website to provide value to others searching for their own software needs.