Why no one is reading your blog post.

How frustrating is it to spend hours researching and crafting the perfect blog post only to get…crickets.

Here are the top reasons no one is reading your blog post

1. No Views

The very first thing to look at is how many views your is your page gets. Is your page optimized with the correct keywords, are you targeting a keyword?

Where does the page rank? If you are getting views but are ranked 100th you are never going to get any click-throughs.

2. Your Title is not optimized

if you are getting views of your page and you are ranked under 20 then you should be getting click-throughs to your page. If you are not it is because your title is not optimized and is not connecting with the viewers enough to get them to click on your title.

Your meta description may not be optimized if you are not getting any click-throughs either. Google tends to just pick some random meta description whether or not that is the best one. You should be creating your own or setting up your page so that google picks the paragraph you want for the meta description.

3. Your first paragraph is not optimized

If you are getting clicks but the bounce rate is high and no one is reading your article it is because your first paragraph is not drawing them in. the purpose of your first paragraph should be to get the readers to keep reading.

4. Not enough pictures

If at first glance as someone scrolls down the page and they don’t see any pictures there is a tendency to bounce from that page.

5. Too big of walls of text

if all visitors see is one giant wall of text they will not take the time to read it unless it is a technical post and that is what they are looking for and expecting

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