What to do when your website is not getting traffic.

A website that is not getting traffic is not worth much as a website. The value of a website is based on how much traffic it gets and how many conversions are a result of the traffic.

First, you need to determine why your website is not getting traffic. I like to first look at the google search console under the performance tab and see how many views the website is getting. While not a concrete way to know judge how much traffic your website should be getting it will give you an idea if your website is, at last, being seen by eyeballs.

If you notice a big drop in views it’s time to determine why.

  1. Did a competitor overtake your number-one spot
  2. Did a google update penalize your site
  3. Are you noticing a big drop in where your website is ranking on each page for our money pages?
  4. What pages took the biggest hit
  5. Was it sitewide
  6. Did sites that were linking to you get hit with a penalty and that affected your site
  7. What types of pages took the biggest hits
  8. Did any pages move up in the series
  9. Did links to your website go up or down
  10. Are there any technical issues

Sometimes website drops in traffic have nothing to do with an algorithm update and can be attributed to something else.

If you are familiar with your site you should be able to determine pretty quickly what the issue is.

Remember you have competitors that are trying to take your top spots just as much as you want to take theirs. It is always possible that they just did more work on their page and got a quality link that allowed them to pass you in the SERP results. A page that is getting a lot of traffic due to a number one spot can lose a ton of traffic when they lose that number on spot.

That is why it is so critical to stay on top of your on-page and off-page SEO, especially on the pages that are number one.

The competition is fierce for the number one spots and you have to stay proactive not to lose them.

If your website lost traffic from a google update it can be really hard to fix instantly or even in a month.

If your site is legitimate it will probably be okay if you just keep taking care of the basics and you are not using spam to rank your sites.

I have seen ranking come back in a couple of months without doing, and sometimes you can speed it up by figuring out what the google algorithm was targeting and making some adjustments to your site.

If your site is not getting any traffic because you are not on page one or two for any of your search terms you need to work on your on-page and off-page SEO.

Focus on the pages that are ranking on page one or two first as those have the most potential and then start working your way back from there always focusing on the pages that have the most potential.

If your website is less than 6 months old you may still be too new to rank and should focus on creating content and links to your site.

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