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Surfer vs. POP which is the better software

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Surfer vs. POP which software will rank your webpage higher?

Surfer vs. pop

I have been using both of this software for over 6 months and there are some things I really like about them and some I don’t. This one was really hard because I didn’t feel like there was a clear winner. Both software was able to rank the pages I tested them on and some even made it to the number one spot but there are too many other variables at play with each page. Like links, other ranking keywords within the page, and social media shares. 

My Pick - Surfer

Surfer SEOThis is my go-to page ranking software. This one gives you more options to rank for your keyword and looks at more ranking factors. 

It also did a good job looking for entity keywords that should be incorporated into your articles to help the search engines determine what the article is about.

I really like the way Surfer worked and I have been happy with the results. The software is easy to use and I like how it gives you the option to either optimize as you create the article or create the page first and then audit afterward. 

You can see my full review here of the software.

How I tested

Rankings increase

I took pages that were not ranking in the top 10 and used one of the software on them. I then measured the ranking increase after it had been indexed again and gave it a month to settle into its new spot. 


I was curious if any of the pages would incur any type of penalty from google for using ranking software. I don’t believe google knows if you are using ranking software on your pages but if you over-optimize the page you may incur an algorithm type penalty.

Ease of use

I wanted to see how easy was it to use the software and follow the suggestions. 


I wanted to compare the value of each software. Each one had different price points and if the software doesn’t increase the rankings significantly on a page. You may not be getting your money’s worth from each software. 

What is Surfer SEO

Surfer is a content optimization tool that analyzes the top-performing content for your target keyword and suggests ways to improve your own content to match (and exceed) that of your competitors. The idea is that by understanding what makes other pieces of content successful, you can replicate that success in your own writing. Surfer looks at factors like title length, number of images, and use of keywords, and provides specific recommendations for how to improve your own content. In addition, Surfer can also help you optimize your website for other factors that influence ranking, such as site speed and mobile friendliness.

What make Surfer SEO different

Surfer SEOWhat sets Surfer apart from other tools is its unique approach to data analysis. Rather than relying on complex algorithms, Surfer uses a simple, yet powerful technique called Google correlation. By correlating your website’s data with that of the top-ranking websites for your target keywords, Surfer is able to provide you with actionable insights that can help you improve your ranking. Additionally, Surfer is constantly expanding its database of correlations, making it more accurate over time. 

Surfer SEO has a lot of tools you can use to rank your website like.

  • Content editor – Create content within the tool itself and it will tell you what to optimize.
  • Audit Tool – Audit any page on your website
  • Content Planner – Create outlines for your writers
  • SERP Analyzer – Analyze the top results of any page.
  • Keyword Research – Research keywords and know the ranking difficulty and search volume. 


  • Easy to use
  • Provides a score based on your page performance
  • Lets you choose your top competitors
  • Instant feedback when using their editor


  • Expensive
  • Can only use the editor a limited amount unless you upgrade
  • Can be confusing where you need to add the keywords they suggest. 
  • Not designed for beginner SEO’s


Surfer SEO pricing

What is Page Optimizer PRO (POP)

Page Optimizer Pro is a powerful SEO tool that helps you to optimize your website for better search engine ranking. It provides you with detailed analysis and insights about your website’s performance, suggesting areas where you can improve. Page Optimizer Pro also offers a range of other features, such as keyword research tools and link-building tools. With Page Optimizer Pro, you can make sure that your website is performing at its best and attracting the most visitors.

POP was designed and built by the famous SEO Kyle Roof. Kyle is most famous in the SEO world for having a Google algorithm created due to the tests he ran. Kyle was able to prove that Google does not read webpages word for word by creating a website in “lorem ipsum” and only adding keywords in specific places. This page ranked number one locally for the keyword he targeted. 

POP software is designed based on those tests. Kyle believes that as long as you have your keywords in the correct places on the page google will rank those pages favorably. 

POP is an easy software to use. For a beginner SEO, this will be the easiest of the two to start using. It will tell you very specifically how many headers to use, what words should be in your headers, and a recommended word count. 

Page Optimizer PRO

POP breaks the pages down into specific sections to focus on –

  • Search Engine Title
  • Page Title
  • Subheadings
  • Main content 
Each section has its own rankings report so you can tell instantly what you need to focus on and fix. I have found this to be very accurate and when I make the changes it suggests I see an improvement in rankings. 


POP optimization score

POP also has an optimization score with the goal of getting to 100%.POP score

Getting your page to 100% can be difficult. You need to play around with important terms and remove the ones you do not believe are important. This will increase your score as you remove the duplicate terms. 

capture 20220928 105849


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive for the value it provides
  • Has a plugin to analyze the exact page you are working on
  • Allows you to remove terms you don’t believe are relevant


  • Does not allow you to choose your competitors 
  • Can be hard to connect the plugin
  •  Some of the terms they suggest do not make the most sense
  •  Every time you re-run the report even if it is on the same page it goes against your overall quota
Page Optimizer PRO pricing


You really can’t go wrong with either one of these softwares. I still use both of them daily depending on what I am trying to rank for. 

I would strongly recommend signing up for their trial and testing them out  for your self. 

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