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Easiest Way to Get Backlinks Naturally for Free.

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks naturally and not get penalized is through statistics posts.

What is a statistics post?

A statistic post is a post that is relevant to your blog that has easy-to-understand statistics a journalist or another website can use.

Some examples of a statistics post are:

  1. 21 statistics of newlyweds.
  2. 7 statistics of newly started business
  3. 8 great statistics of financially successful couples.

Remember journalists are in a hurry and don’t have time to read through your whole blog. Put your statistics in the first subheading in a list format so that journalists can easily reference them and link to you.

Make sure to optimize your title to get clicks.

Your blog title needs to be optimized just like you would for any other time for on-page SEO. The best format is –

Number + power word (best, most popular, trending, new,) + post title.

This could look like “45 trending statistics for work-from-home moms ” This will get your reader’s attention and if a journalist needs some statistics for a work-from-home article he is going to reference yours with a link.

By doing this you will get completely natural links that will never be penalized by Google.

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