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Best Email Software for Lead Generation

Email Marketing Software

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Best Email marketing for lead Generation

Email Marketing Software

Email software is an essential part of any marketing plan. By using email marketing tools, businesses can increase their sales and reach a wider audience. Email marketing allows businesses to send mass emails to potential customers, which can lead to more sales. Email marketing is an effective way to reach a large number of people at once, and it is a great way to promote sales and special offers. There are many email software programs available, and choosing the right one can be difficult. To help you choose the best email software for your business, I have compiled a list of the top email marketing tools.

How I tested


I measured deliverability by using multiple test emails that I set up. I used Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and multiple other accounts that were tied to different domains. 

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the biggest risk you run into by using this type of software. A bounce can be anything from a server rejecting your email or it is marked as spam. 

Ease of use

I wanted to see how easy it was to set up campaigns, add contacts, and format the emails.


I verified the reports with my test email accounts. Some emails I opened, some I marked as spam, some I replied to and others I just left un-read.

My Pick - Mailshake

MailshakeThis is the best cold email outreach software I have tested to date. The deliverability was very good and the bounce rates were smaller than average. It was very easy to set up and the integrations were good with Gmail. 

Mailshake did a good job of scheduling the emails to go out at a specific rate throughout the day. This replicates a true email sending pattern and will help make it look like a real person is sending out the emails. Spam filters are getting better and better each day and no email platform wants its platform to be used for spam. If a software sends out a thousand emails all at once this will trigger the spam algorithm and will lead to your email being blacklisted for spam.   

It was easy to add in the prospects and manage the accounts. 

Screenshot 2022 09 23 111749

You can set up each campaign individually and very quickly you can see how it is performing. I prefer this method because it allows me to test out a lot of different elements. 

  • Subject line
  • Opening sentence 
  • personalization
  • sales copy 
  • and call to action

I do this across multiple campaigns and a lot of time to the same person. The goal is to get the response and open rate as high as possible. 


Honorable Mention - YAMM

YAMM LogoYet Another Mail Merge was good for very small projects with less than 25 emails per send. It just layers on top of your regular Gmail account and sends them out from a Google sheet that you can populate with data like email addresses, first and last names and anything else you would like to add. 

Other email software that I have tested

I have sent thousands of cold emails over the course of my sales and marketing career. These are some of the software that I have tried but ultimately do not use anymore. All of them work well but they all had quirks that I just did not end up liking or were too complicated to figure out. 


I like woodpeckers interface but ultimately it just wasn’t easy enough for me to use. I did not feel that the delivery rates were very good and a lot of the emails getting marked as spam in my inbox before I even had a chance to see them. 


Lemlist is a good email list. They have a good system that they have added a ton of features to lately. I used their email system about a year ago and ultimately I did not end up liking it as much as I liked Mailshake. 

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Passionate about helping businesses grow their bottom line using marketing, software, and optimization systems. 

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