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21 Free Animation Software For Chromebooks [2023] | That the Pros Use

Free animation software for chromebook

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Free Animation tools for chromebook are changing all the time.

Everyone of these free Chromebook animation software tools have a free trial and everyone has a specific criteria that will determine which software is best for them. 

I know which one I like using the best but I recommend you try them all and see which one is your favorite. 

The most significant difference between a regular laptop and a Chromebook is that the Chromebooks’ operating system is Linux-based Chrome. This means that most of the application and data are kept in the cloud and most of the files created through the app will not be stored in the device’s hard drive. 

Pow Toon

PowToon is a website that can be used to create animated videos. With this application, you can make visually attractive projects ranging from simple and professional.

When your videos are for educational purposes there are almost no restrictions on what can be done. 

It is easy for students to use this tool and allows them to bring it to life animations. 

There are even some bonus features that allow creators to insert background music or even voice-overs. This makes it one of the best options for making animated videos fast. 

Toontastic 3D

Toonastic is free software that can be run on many Chromebooks as long as they use an android app.

Toonastic is not restricted to any type of use and no matter if you want to be a director or author you can tell your story however you want.  

You can create the most lifelike characters with 3D modeling apps, use photos as reference material and plan out your story before production begins.


What is Scratch? Scratch is a software program for young children. It is a mix of storytelling and coding. By using Scratch, children can create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. With Scratch, they can also share their creations with others online.

Why use Scratch? Scratch helps children learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. As they create and share their projects, they are learning important 21st-century skills. 

Scratch is designed for children ages 8 to 16, but it is used by people of all ages. More than 30 million people have registered on the Scratch website. People use Scratch in all kinds of ways: to create stories, games, animations, music, and art; to learn to code; to teach others, and to make friends online from all over the world.


Introducing Clarisketch, the user-friendly and innovative way to create animated videos. With Clarisketch, all you need is a voice and a pencil to bring your sketches to life. Whether you’re looking to add some levity to a business presentation or engage your students in a new and exciting way, Clarisketch is perfect for you. Don’t let the simplicity fool you; with Clarisketch, the sky is the limit. Let your creativity run wild and see what you can achieve with this revolutionary new tool.


With WeVideo, you can easily create and edit videos to share your story with the world. This chrome app comes with three editing modules – Timeline, Storyboard, and Advanced mode – so you can create your video exactly the way you want it. 

WeVideo is also integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to work with files that you’ve already uploaded. With its editing toolbox, you can insert text, voice-over recordings, music, transition effects, and professional themes to make your video truly memorable. So why wait? Share your story with the world today with WeVideo.


Looking to create amazing animations that captivate your audience? Animatron is the perfect solution! With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, you can create stunning videos and animations that will engage and persuade your viewers. And because it’s built on HTML5, you can be sure that your content will play universally on all devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices. So what are you waiting for? Start animating today with Animatron!

Adobe Character Animator

Are you an aspiring animator who is looking for the best animation software? Well, your search ends here! Introducing Adobe Character Animator – the top animation software that offers simple animation that is simply amazing and stunning. With its surprising features like gesture recognition and facial recognition to animate cartoon characters, Adobe Character Animator is the perfect tool for you to create truly captivating animations.

What’s more, Adobe Character Animator is a real-time animator that captures your full-body motion, hand movements, and facial expressions to animate the character. So bring your characters to life and create animations that are truly mesmerizing with Adobe Character Animator!

Moho Dubut by Anime Studios

Anime Studios presents Moho Debut, the next best animation application that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. 

With its easy-to-use interface, Moho Debut lets you create anything you can imagine with unparalleled speed and precision. Despite its simple appearance, Moho Debut is a powerful tool that is capable of handling even the most complex animations. So if you’re looking for an amazing application that will help you unleash your creativity, look no further than Moho Debut!


While not technically free, there is a free trial to get started to see if you like the software before moving to a paid version.

Do you want to create stunning animations that captivate your audience? Look no further than Animate! This powerful software makes it easy to bring your ideas to life with its intuitive tools and features.

With Animate, you can create engaging 2D animations for TV series and feature films. But that’s not all – Animate is also perfect for creating HTML5 animations. 

Animate makes it easy to share your creations with the world. Thanks to its export capabilities, you can easily generate code that can be used on websites and social media platforms. So there’s no limit to what you can create with Animate!

So what are you waiting for? Start animating today with Animate!


Looking for an open-source 3D computer graphics software that is both popular and easy to use? Look no further than Blender! Blender is perfect for creating animated videos, 3D-printed models, and computer games. With its user-friendly interface, Blender is perfect for both beginners and experienced users alike. 

Blender is the most popular open-source 3D computer graphics software that is used by millions of artists, animators, and game developers around the world. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Blender allows you to create beautiful 3D models, animations, and games with ease. 


Flipaclip is the perfect application for creating smooth, frame-by-frame animations. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started, including a video tutorial that introduces you to the various drawing tools and walks you through how to use the app. With Flipaclip, animating is fun and easy. 

Flippa comes with lots of drawing tools like brushes, ruler shapes, insert text, eraser, fill, and many more. Users can add up to three animation layers and up to six soundtracks. 


If you’re looking for a way to make amazing videos without any technical expertise, then Animaker is the perfect solution for you. With Animaker, you can easily create stunning videos that are both creative and engaging. Plus, with its fast-growing popularity, you can be sure that your videos will reach a wide audience.

Animaker runs on an advanced HTML 5 engine that provides a great performance on optimized browsers that allows users to create 4K quality animations in minutes. 


Are you looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to create professional animated videos? Well, look no further than Vyond! Vyond is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create stunning animations for all industries. Whether you need to create training videos, marketing videos, or e-Learning content, Vyond has you covered.

What sets Vyond apart from other animation tools is its ability to create character-driven stories. With Vyond, you can easily build characters that are lifelike and relatable. This makes it easier to engage your audience and communicate your message effectively. Additionally, Vyond’s data visualizations are second to none. With Vyond, you can easily turn complex data into compelling visuals that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.


Looking to create informative and engaging videos without any prior video editing experience? Look no further than Simpleshow! With our easy-to-use platform, you can create short animated videos in minutes. Whether you’re looking to explain a complex concept or simply promote your business, Simpleshow is the perfect solution.

Our platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing anyone to create stunning videos with ease. You can choose from a variety of templates and images to create a custom video that perfectly suits your needs. And best of all, our videos are suitable for use on all social media platforms, so you can reach the widest possible audience.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to get your message across, then Simpleshow is the perfect solution. 


Creating videos just got a whole lot easier with Moovly. With its easy-to-use platform, businesses and individuals can create educational or promotional content using a combination of text, voiceover, images, visuals, and customizable templates. Choose from a variety of video styles, including motion graphics, cartoons, doodle style, or footage-based videos. Moovly makes it easy to get your message across in a fun and engaging way.


Pencil2D is the perfect tool for creating 2D animations! With its bitmap and vector drawing capabilities, Pencil2D gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to animation. And with its easy-to-use interface, you’ll be up and animating in no time!

But that’s not all! Pencil2D also lets you automate tasks and export your videos via the command line. 

Toon Boom Harmony 

Are you an aspiring animator or a professional looking for the perfect animation software? Look no further than Toon Boom Harmony! This top-of-the-line software is perfect for both beginners and professionals alike. With its flexible fluidity and smoothness, Toon Boom Harmony gives users the traditional animation experience that they crave. 

GitHub Illustrate states “Harmony makes it possible to lever up our animation productivity without sacrificing quality…we’re big fans”

Digicel Flipbook

Is easy to use but powerful 2D animation software? It comes with plenty of great features and a simple interface that makes animating a breeze, even for beginners.

With this software, you can animate frame by frame on both macOS and Windows platforms. The learning curve is nice and smooth, so you can get started right away without feeling overwhelmed. And because it’s designed for beginners, you can be confident that you’re diving into the right pool to learn animation.

Some of our favorite features include the multiple frame desk, lip-sync support, zoom/rotate/pan zoom, blur options, super-smooth performance, import/export capabilities, and scanning options. Plus, its affordable price makes it a great value for your money.

Animation Desk

The Animation Desk provides options for numerous project needs and is essential for beginners. It supports various frame rates and backgrounds to provide a smooth workflow for any project. The desk is also great for advanced users who need more control over their projects.

It can be one of the best options for your animation needs to create animated stories or cartoons on your Chromebook.

It has more than 45 brushes to create numerous forms of unique animations. 

YouTube Studio Video Editor

The Animation Desk provides options for numerous project needs and is essential for beginners. It supports various frame rates and backgrounds to provide a smooth workflow for any project. The desk is also great for advanced users who need more control over their projects.


Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use video editor for your Chromebook? Look no further than ClipChamp! This browser-based editor provides all the features you need to create stunning videos, from recording and editing to converting and compressing files. ClipChamp is fast and flexible, making it the perfect choice for busy users who need to get their videos done quickly and efficiently. Plus, with ready-to-use templates and a huge audio files and footage library, ClipChamp has everything you need to take your videos to the next level. 

Conclusion: the latest Chromebooks animations software is really easy to use and create art

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